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Love golf? Play your best with Prisma Health Apex Golf Performance.

See where advanced technology meets industry expertise to improve your range of motion and golf performance.

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golfer doing a swing motion with a coach watching

Golfers of every age and ability can improve their game while reducing the risk of overuse injuries.

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Hey, COLA golfers — want to improve your golf technique, speed, motion, swing, and overall play? 🙋

With a winning combination of advanced technology + top industry experts, Prisma Health Apex Golf Performance is the place to take your golf game to the next level.

Through personal instruction from Golf Coaches Association of America Hall of Fame coach Puggy Blackmon and the use of state-of-the-art Motion Analysis and Performance (MAP) technology (take a peek at how it worksit’s pretty impressive), the program will provide:

  • A comprehensive MAP-generated motion assessment to diagnose mobility issues and enhance movement, balance, and efficiency
  • A thorough, one-on-one coaching session with Coach Blackmon to identify optimal body movement and sequencing (read: optimize performance by improving stability, control, and speed)
  • Injury-prevention (or injury improvement) tips
  • Post-session video capture and detailed report with recommended performance techniques and exercises
  • Optional follow-up session to measure progress and technique implementation

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