Other Columbias in the United States

A look at the other towns, burroughs, and places named Columbia in the US.

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There are surprisingly few Columbias in the midwest.

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29. That’s how many places in the United States are named Columbia. That’s a lot of Columbias.

From burroughs to towns to unincorporated communities, let’s take a look at the competition. (Though, let’s be honest, can you really compete with Cola?)

  • Columbia, CA | The furthest Columbia from SC, this former gold-rush town was established in 1850.
  • Columbia, NC | Originally founded as Elizabethtown in 1793, the northern Carolina Columbia is much smaller with a population of 891.
  • Columbia, AL | Tied for closest Columbia with North Carolina, the Alabama Columbia borders Georgia and was a major port for steamboats in the 19th century.
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