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Historic relics found in Congaree River cleanup

Dominion Energy’s Congaree River cleanup unearthed Civil War relics, including a Confederate saber and various-sized cannonballs.

Congaree Cleanup.jpg

Crews have finished the first phase of the Congaree River cleanup. | Photo by COLAtoday team

Recently, we shared about the early completion of Dominion Energy’s cleanup operation in the Congaree River. Now we know about the numerous Civil War relics and other historical artifacts they discovered hidden underwater. This extensive project, aimed at removing toxic tar deposits, revealed:

  • A rare Confederate saber
  • Cannonballs, varying in size
  • Musket ammunition
  • Native American ceramics
  • Historical bottles and horse hooves

The excavation is part of an initiative to improve river access and urban connectivity downtown. The recovered items will undergo preservation and are destined for display at the State Museum, offering a glimpse into SC’s historical heritage.