TikTok recognizes local greeting card shop

Sparks of Joy Co, a local greeting card company founded during the pandemic, is featured on the #YearOnTikTok list by @tiktok in the Loved by Locals category.


Midlands resident Callie Goodwin’s greeting card company featured in Times Square advertisement. | Photo by CallieGoodwin

Local Callie Goodwin’s greeting card business, Sparks of Joy Co, has earned a spot on TikTok’s #YearOnTikTok list in the Loved by Locals category. This is a huge win for her venture born during the pandemic that just keeps growing.

Specializing in mini cards, pre-stamped postcards, and flat cards, Sparks of Joy Co simplifies sending heartfelt, handwritten notes. With an impressive 113,000 TikTok followers and thousands of cards sold, the company resonates with people’s need for personal connection in a digital world.

Launched in just four days, Goodwin’s business flourishes alongside her full-time job and Ph.D. studies. Her most popular offerings include the “I Lava You” card, featuring her father’s handwriting, and the “Text of Hope” sticker, inspired by a personal experience. Oh, and happy belated birthday Callie! You can give her a follow on Instagram and TikTok as a present.

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