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Help COLAtoday update its Columbia summer playlist for your next road trip

We are looking to update our Columbia summer playlist with our reader’s favorite local artists and references.

Loveland Coffee

Fill up on gas and drop by Loveland Coffee’s drive-thru kiosk before hitting the road. |Photo by Loveland Coffee

Whether it’s jamming to tunes as you hit the road or listening to some tracks while we enjoy a local cup of joe — we’re big fans of music that gives Columbia vibes. Sometimes that means the music is produced by a local singer-songwriter, and other times it’s because a song’s lyrics mention Columbia or SC.

Since summertime is upon us and we love a sun-soaked dance party moment, we’d like your help adding to our Soda City Hits: Summer Road Trip playlist.

Here are some of the tracks we have so far:

What songs should we add? Tell us your recommendations + stay tuned — we’ll be dropping the updated playlist in an upcoming newsletter.

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