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5 tips to prepare for a successful school year

Read on for back-to-school basics from local wellness experts.

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Back-to-school season is officially here.

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Early alarms. Carpool traffic. Shopping lists. You know what time it is — back-to-school season.

The transition back to school can be equally exciting and nerve-racking for children and parents alike. Here are a few tips to help your child ace the start of a new school year.

Pro tip: Teens, college students, and parents — and, heck, just about everyone — can benefit from following these tips, too.

1. Establish a routine

The struggle of early mornings after the flexibility of a summertime schedule is real. The best way to adjust is by establishing a routine (read: make your mornings + evenings easier). Pro tip: Write down your family’s routine, after-school activities, and important reminders on a weekly calendar to get back into the swing of a schedule.

2. Get some zzz’s

Encourage healthy sleeping habits, like going to bed and waking up 15-30 minutes earlier leading up to the big day to help ease into those early school mornings. (This goes for the big kids, too.)

3. Prioritize mental health

From K-12 to college, kids of any age can have big feelings when it comes to going back to school. Help manage your child’s back-to-school stress by openly communicating with them, and learn the signs of when first-day jitters turn into more serious school-related anxiety.

4. Visit the doc

Sick days are sure to happen during the school year, but you can protect your kids from serious diseases or infections by scheduling a routine check-up and keeping them up to date on vaccinations.

5. Plan nutrition-packed lunches

A nutritionally-balanced and healthy lunch that hits a few different food groups — like carbs, fats, protein, and vegetables — will give your child the fuel they need to conquer the school day. For after-school, avoid grab-and-go items that are less nutritionally dense (looking at you Twinkies), and try making your own ready-made snack bags with healthier items.

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