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Doctors’ Orders: Eating healthy at Coa Agaveria y Cocina

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Three slices of tomato are topped with avocado, mozzarella, and balsalmic reduction.

The Caprese Mexicana is one of three Ensalada options at Coa Agaveria y Cocina.

Photo via @coa_agaveria

We’re back with another round of Doctors’ Orders, a series in which Midlands physicians weigh in on what to eat at some of our favorite local restaurants. Today, we’re dining at Coa Agaveria y Cocina, a contemporary eatery offering Mexican cuisine in downtown Columbia.

We asked new OB/GYN Nancy Sarmiento, DO, at Carolina Women’s Physicians to share her platos favoritos.

“My perfect meal there would start off with the Caprese Mexicana salad. I love simplicity in my meals so the fresh tomatoes and avocado in this dish paired with the balsamic reduction is so tasty!

For my entree, the pulpo asado is my pick. It is marinated in chiles which gives it a nice kick and it’s a great source of Omega-3! It also comes with yuca as a side which is a root veggie and a great healthier carb addition for my meal.”

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