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What Soda Citizens can’t live without

According to Soda Citizens.

Columbia S.C. sunrise-photo by Tucker Prescott (1)

Obviously, what we couldn’t live without is you, Soda Citizens.

Photo by Tucker Prescott

About a week ago, we asked you to fill in the blank for the statement: “One local thing I couldn’t live without is ______. Today we’re sharing a few of your responses (and our own answers) with you.

“Chicken salad from the Gourmet Shop!” — Reader, Jill A.

“Riverfront Park before dawn!” — Reader, Kathryn F.

“A “Strawbwaffle” from The Belgian Waffle Truck!” — Reader, Jean-Louis L.

“One local thing I couldn’t live without is Danos pizza!” — Reader, Tricia S.

“New Brookland Tavern. I need a small, independent music venue anywhere I live.” — City Editor David

“Along with a Zesto chocolate ice cream cone, I couldn’t live without our local coffee shops. It’s the best whenever I run into a friend + catch up while waiting for a coffee at everyone’s mutual watering holes.” — City Editor Sam

If you didn’t have a chance to answer last week but still want your voice to be heard, we’d love to hear your thoughts on what you can’t live without here.

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