5 reasons to fly local out of Columbia Metropolitan Airport (CAE)

Exterior of Columbia Metropolitan Airport

Fly local: Two words that carry a lot of weight — or should we say “baggage.”

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Attention, COLA travelers: Want more nonstop flights from Columbia Metropolitan Airport (CAE)? Then you’ll need to do one thing: Fly local.

If you’re a Soda Citizen, then flying out of CAE should be your go-to choice when taking to the skies. Driving to airports outside of Columbia is not only time consuming, but also reduces the number of passengers utilizing CAE — something airlines and network planners watch to determine flight routes + options.

Here are five reasons why you should consider flying local on your next trip:

1. Flying out of CAE increases the possibility of new routes and new airlines added to the schedule. Airlines are constantly monitoring passenger traffic at airports to gauge sustainability and viability of possible new services. The more people fly, the more flight options are offered. It’s that simple.

2. It strengthens our local economy. Keeping dollars in our community only bolsters our local economy — making the Midlands financially healthier and more attractive to those looking to possibly relocate to SC’s capital city.

Two women looking at flight schedule

The more people use an airport, the more options become available at that airport.

Photo provided by Columbia Metropolitan Airport

3. It creates a sense of community. We’re all encouraged to eat local, buy local, and shop local. And we do that well here in the Midlands. Shouldn’t we also fly local, too?

4. It drives airfare down. Airlines want your business. And when there are several options available, it naturally creates competition — which in turn, drives ticket prices down. So the more you fly local, the less you pay.

5. It makes your parking bill less expensive. Believe it or not, CAE’s parking rates are some of the lowest in the state. And with the option to pre-book your parking, you can get an even greater discount on long-term parking. Park with ease, and then fly with ease at CAE.

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