A gourd-geous puzzle

See if you can finish this puzzle of a local Columbia spot.

Puzzle of pumpkins

Puzzle created with Jigsaw Explorer

Graphic by COLAtoday

Happy Friday, Soda Citizens. Whether you’re on break at work or getting off early for a long weekend today, we wanted to bring you some Friday Fun in our newsletter.

Here’s a local fall scene for you to put back together. Can anyone guess the subject from the photo below? (Here’s a hint: you’ll likely find this scene at the SC State Farmers Market.)

You can make this as difficult or easy as you like (from six to 1,054 pieces) and there’s even a multiplayer mode. It also keeps track of your timesend us a screenshot of your quickest finish and we might just have to shout out your puzzle prowess.

Oh, and we’re shouting out reader, Brittany H. who completed the last puzzle in one min. and 28 sec. That’s some pretty fast puzzling.


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