See the winner of our 2023 Picture of the Year contest

Winner: “Columbia’s Skyline at Night” by Timothy M.

Columbia's skyline at night_ Photography contest

Columbia’s skyline at night. | Photo by Timothy M.


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Who knew there were so many talented photographers in Columbia? The votes are in for the COLAtoday 2023 Picture of the Year contest. Check out the finalists below, including the winner that you, our readers, voted for.

Winner: “Columbia’s Skyline at Night” by Timothy M.

We had almost 900 votes for our Picture of the Year contest and “Columbia’s Skyline at Night” — this year’s winner — garnered over 34.4% of the votes.

Military Power in the city_ Tracey G.png

Military Power in the City | Photo submitted by Tracey G.

Finalist: “Military Power in the City” by Tracey G.

Choo choo — check out an image of a train coming through Columbia. First runner up, “Military Power in the City,” garnered 15.9% of the votes.

Concreate and gold _ Valerie B.

Concrete and gold | Photo by Valerie B.

Finalist: “Concrete and Gold” by Valerie B.

Recognize this iconic Cola landmark? We enjoyed this perspective of looking through the columns of the State House and the yellow-gold leaves peeking through. The second runner up, “Concrete and Gold,” garnered 13.8% of the votes.

Derby Day_Freddy L.png

Derby Day | Photo submitted by Freddy L.

Finalist: “Derby Day” by Freddy L.

Derby Day captures the essence of West Columbia’s annual Kinetic Derby Day. If you see this photo and wish you were the one crossing the finish line in a cloud of yellow, be sure to register for this year’s race, happening on Saturday, April 20.

Fountain in Five Points_Sylvia S.png

Fountain in Five Points | Photo submitted by Sylvie S.

sylvie smith

Finalist: “Fountain in Five Points” by Sylvie S.

The Five Points fountain is one of the most recognizable landmarks in the Five Points district, and we love that Sylvie S. captured an image of the fountain lit up at night.

Riverwalk Photo Finalist.png

West Columbia River Walk | Photo submitted by Kim G.

“West Columbia River Walk” by Kim G.

The Gervais Street Bridge is a classic West Columbia scene. Head to the West Columbia Riverwalk and Amphitheater to see this picturesque view for yourself. Pro tip: Find where you can park for free around West Columbia.

The crowing of the BabcockLaura V.png

The Crowning of the Babcock | Photo submitted by Laura V.

Finalist: “The Crowning of the Babcock” by Laura V.

When thinking of one of the biggest moments of 2023, the Historic Babcock building’s cupola restoration project and ceremony has to be top of mind. If you missed it, dive into the story of the Babcock and the celebration ceremony, marking its return to Cola.

USC Photo Finalist.png

USC Home Game September 9th | Photo submitted by Lane W.

Finalist: “USC Home Game September 9th” by Lane W.

It’s hard to beat a Saturday in South Carolina atmosphere. This photo was taken during the homegame against Furman + Carolina won, 47 to 21.

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