Wait, is the term “Soda City” cringe? Let us know

We had a reader provide feedback and share their thoughts about the term “Soda City” and we want to know if you agree.

Soda City

You may recognize the term Soda City the most from Soda City Market — Columbia’s local, Saturday vendor market. | Photo by @brett.cr3

The below feedback came across our desk, and we have to know if other Soda Citiz— we mean locals — agree.

For a little backstory, the moniker “Soda City” comes from a shortened version of Columbia — Cola. Cola is another word for soda, and thus, Soda City was born.

“Will you please do a poll about whether or not residents of Columbia like the term “Soda Citizens”. I think it’s cringy, along with “Soda City”, but would like to know if it’s just me. It’s just such a tortured moniker.

I would prefer they rename Columbia completely if this is the alternative. Or just let this nickname die a natural death. For fun, maybe take suggestions for something better. Love the publication. Hate Soda Citizens.


Let us know if you agree and share your preferred moniker for Columbia.

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