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See how Columbia is growing with Elevate Midlands’ just-released 2024 report

Curious to know more about our region’s progress? Check out this report.

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A group of people floats on tubes along the Congaree River with the Gervais Street Bridge pictured in the background.

Welcome to the Midlands: A region that is workforce-ready, family-friendly, and supportive of startups.

Photo by Forrest Clonts

Ask anyone around here, and they’ll tell you: the Midlands region is buzzing with opportunities.

How do we know? For the past ten years, the Midlands Business Leadership Group has been tracking how the region stacks up against peer cities. The task force’s goal: To advance Columbia’s competitive edge + showcase the region’s collective spirit of growth and innovation.

📊 See what’s in store

If you’re anything like us, seeing how Columbia is growing is pretty exciting — so pardon us as we drum roll the Elevate Midlands 2024 Report (which just released today).

Peep the annual report to deep dive into the region’s growth, seeing stand-out metrics and how the Midlands has made significant strides in these areas of development:

  • Entrepreneurial and Business Environment
  • Innovative Capacity
  • Industry Clusters
  • Talent
  • Livability
  • Employment Index

What’s more, this report serves as a roadmap to what’s ahead, like improving talent retention, helping businesses grow, and providing easy access to the region’s greatest assets.

See the 2024 report

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