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The City of Columbia released updates on Finlay Park

The City of Columbia shared a YouTube video featuring a timeline, images, and renderings of the Finlay Park revitalization project.

Finlay Park updates

The released video showcases the progress of Finlay Park’s revitalization, set to be completed in 2025. | Rendering via the City of Columbia website.

The City of Columbia shared updates on the Finlay Park project. A YouTube video features a timeline and images of the revitalization project set to finish by fall 2025 with an investment of $24.1 million.

The plan is to update existing amenities and increase accessibility, safety, and visibility so citizens are encouraged to partake in outdoor activities.

One of the biggest key features of the new park will be the renovated fountain that will flow into a new central pond. The new water feature will also incorporate sustainable techniques to treat stormwater.

Other renovations include:

  • Multi-use structures, including a band stage, and lawn areas will be improved for events.
  • Additional features like strolling gardens, walkways, an overlook plaza, restrooms, shade shelters, and public art will be added for visitors’ enjoyment.
  • Increased visibility, cameras, call boxes, and improved lighting will be implemented.
  • The project also involves adding office space for hospitality services and park rangers, as well as accessibility upgrades and parking modifications.

Take time to read through the full 40-page master plan.

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