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3 tips for planning the vacation of your dreams

AllSouth Federal Credit Union can help you turn those jet-setting dreams into reality.

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AllSouth Federal Credit Union

Let’s jet, COLA — here’s how to start planning your 2024 getaway.

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Dreaming of your next getaway? Whether you want to travel across the globe or stay in the states, you can turn those dreams into reality with the right plan (and budget).

Here are three vacation planning tips from the experts at AllSouth Federal Credit Union.

Research the details of your destination

Rev up your search engines, COLA. In your initial search it’s best to find out:

  • How much the trip will cost
  • The best time of year to travel to your destination
  • How long you will be traveling

Time to build your budget

After your initial research, the next step is budgeting. Here are a few costs to factor in:

  • Airfare
  • Lodging
  • Transportation
  • Dining and activities
  • And more

Pro tip: This Travel Budget Planner from AllSouth makes budgeting a breeze.

Start saving

Once you have your costs mapped out, it’s time to start saving. You can do this by setting up a separate account to save or consider opening a special travel credit card so you can use the money you’ve been saving for your trip to pay off the balance each month.

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