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Where to get your local pecans

Local pecan harvest: fresh, shell-ready nuts for iconic Thanksgiving pies from historic Columbia recipes.


However you pronounce it, they’re tasty nuts. | Photo via Unsplash

We see a slice of pie, or two, in your not-so-distant future. As Thanksgiving approaches, we want to make sure you’re getting the freshest ingredients. Top of the list? Local pecans.

These sweet and buttery tree nuts have been falling over the place in the Midlands, so grab yours from one of these local farms that will shell ‘em and sell ‘em.

Now that you’ve got your nuts, here are a few local pecan pie recipes to try out this holiday season.

  • Here’s one from the Women’s Club of Columbia’s 1947 cookbook.
  • Here’s one from the Time for Action cookbook from 1970.
  • Here’s one from the classic Piggly Wiggly book of Lowcountry recipes.
  • Here’s one if you want to make that pecan pie mobile from the classic Heavenly Southern Recipes from the Miller Cemetery Project.
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