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Help support 570+ nonprofits during Midlands Gives 2023

Celebrate 10 years of giving and #InvestForImpact.

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The 18-hour Midlands Gives online giving challenge begins May 2, 2023 at 6 a.m. and runs through midnight.

Photo by Central Carolina Community Foundation

Our region is home to hundreds of nonprofit organizations that support our communities and make the Midlands more liveable + vibrant — and now is your chance to show them your support.

This morning marks the start of Midlands Gives, a day of giving that benefits hundreds of local nonprofits across the Columbia region.

The annual event hosted by Central Carolina Community Foundation (CCCF) is an 18-hour online giving challenge that makes it easy for Soda Citizens to donate to their favorite nonprofits.

The impact, by the numbers:

  • 570+: Record-breaking number of local nonprofits that Midlands Gives supports this year
  • 10: Midlands Gives is celebrating 10 years of giving in 2023
  • 18: Number of hours the giving challenge lasts
  • 19,500+: Number of individual donations made in 2022 (last year had a record-breaking $3,734,986 raised for local nonprofits!)
  • $19.7 million: How much has been raised since Midlands Gives’ inception

    How to participate:

    • Midlands Gives’ online giving platform makes it easy to give. Search for specific organizations or browse through informational profiles of participating nonprofits in specific categories (like ‘animals’ or ‘youth development’), then donate with a few clicks.
    • In the mood to spread the love? You can add multiple organizations to your “shopping cart” with donations of $10 or more.
    • The platform also features a leaderboard + prize tracker that gives live updates on donations per nonprofit and the total dollars raised.
    • Why give today? Because your donation can go a long way. Midlands Gives amplifies individuals’ donations through sponsored prize incentives. A contribution of just $10 can support a nonprofit in receiving matching funds and prizes from sponsors.

    Follow along on Central Carolina Community Foundation’s Facebook or YouTube today for live updates, prize announcements + more.*

    Give now through 11:59 p.m. tonight

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