Immersion: Columbia’s new immersive art experience

Trippy Drippy | Art by @hennesseyinthehome

Recently, we’ve seen art popping up everywhere. From new murals all around the city, to new art installations, it’s safe to say Columbia is having a major art boom. And honestly, we love it.

Friday afternoon, Columbia’s newest art space, Immersion, held its grand opening – along with Main Course and the Players Club – and officially opened to the public. We headed over to check it out so we could give y’all all of the need-to-know deets in case you couldn’t make it this weekend.

Immersion is now open at 1626 Main St. | Art by @artofslim

What to know

  • The space consists of eight rooms, two bathrooms, a hallway and a lobby that have been transformed from floor to ceiling in different themes.
  • Tickets to visit Immersion cost $15.
  • Immersion is located on the second floor of Main Course at 1626 Main St.
  • The current artists featured at Immersion are Ija Charles, Lacey Hennessey, Christine Lutfy, Laurel Smith, Shelby LeBlanc, Taylor Smith and Austin “Slim” Gee.
  • Rooms and spaces will be redone as new artists rotate through Immersion.
  • The idea formed over brunch one morning. After seeing a similar concept in Charlotte, the Middleton family knew Columbia needed an interactive art experience.

We see so many photo opportunities in y’all future, Columbia. Check out these teasers for a little inspiration.

Art by @ija_monet
Art by @dreamweaver.designs