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Make a difference by volunteering during United Way’s Volunteer Week

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United Way of the Midlands volunteers transporting and unloading supplies.

The United Way’s online Volunteer Center offers year-round volunteer opportunities for 130+ nonprofit agencies across the Midlands.

Photo provided by United Way of the Midlands

Looking to lend a helping hand? The United Way of the Midlands’ Volunteer Week is April 17-22 and includes 50 projects in need of 500 volunteers.

Soda Citizens can take part in volunteer opportunities to help local organizations like:

  • Weeding Blooms for Ballentine Library: Help weed the flower beds that welcome customers at Richland Library.
  • Juvenile Justice Jeopardy: Take part in a fun game to teach kids ages 12-18 about SC laws.
  • Healthy Learners: Pitch in to wash, detail, and vacuum the fleet of vehicles used to take students to medical appointments.
  • And more.*


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