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Playing pickleball in Columbia, SC

Ready to try your hand at America’s new favorite sport? Check out our guide to Midland’s indoor and outdoor pickleball courts.

Pickleball Columbia.jpeg

The new pickleball courts at Southeast Park in Columbia. | Photo via Pickleball Group of the Midlands

Have y’all heard about pickleball? If you haven’t, it’s kind of a big dill. Pickleball shares similarities with tennis, table tennis + badminton (as well as other paddle ball sports). It has official rules, regulations, and its own organization — the USA Pickleball Association. Here’s the lowdown on the game so you don’t find yourself in a pickle:

  • It can be played indoors or outdoors.
  • The court is badminton-sized (20’ x 44’) with a modified tennis net.
  • The pickleball itself is made of plastic + has holes, like a wiffleball. The paddle is a little smaller than a tennis racket.

It can be played as doubles or singlesthat means 2-4 people, for those of us who are racket sports-challenged.

Where can you play in the Midlands?

🏓 Barr Road Sports Complex | 213 Barr Rd., Lexington | Courts are available Mon., Tues., Thurs., and Fri. from 10 a.m.-1 p.m. Court rentals are $1 and six indoor courts are available.

🏓 Cayce Tennis and Fitness Center | 1120 Fort Congaree Trail, Cayce | $1 per person + $1 paddle rental

🏓 Harbison Community Center | 106 Hillpine Rd. | Open play Saturdays from 1 to 4 p.m. Free for Residents and $2 for non-residents

🏓 Lexington County Tennis Complex | 425 Oaks Dr., Lexington | Courts are available to rent 24 hours in advance and cost $2 before 5 p.m. and $3 after 5 p.m. + weekends. A paddle and ball can be rented for $1.

🏓 Southeast Park and Tennis Center | 951 Hazelwood Rd. | Four new courts were added this year.

🏓 Tri-City Leisure Center | 485 Brooks Ave., West Columbia | $1 per visit or $20 per year

🏓 Woodland Park | 6500 Olde Knight Pkwy | Two new courts are now available.

Join an online community
Pickleball Group of the Midlands, SC — Connect with fellow Midlands Pickleball players and support its “more tournaments in Columbia” initiative.

Lexington SC Pickleball Group — This friendly and welcoming group for all skill levels boasts 800+ members and is a great place to connect with other Pickleball players.