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Prisma Health On Call: Ask the experts all your fertility questions

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This month, we’re connecting readers to the specialists at Prisma Health’s Fertility Center of the Carolinas. | Photo provided


15%. That’s the percentage of couples in the US who will struggle to conceive. Full disclosure: This writer was one of them.

In this month’s installment of Prisma Health on Call, we’re connecting readers to the pros at Prisma Health’s Fertility Center of the Carolinas (read: a collective of medical professionals passionate about helping patients build their families).

These specialists are here, on call, to answer any questions you have about fertility, from treatment options to preservation. Think:

❓How do I know it’s time to see a fertility specialist?

❓Does fertility treatment always mean IVF?

❓I have PCOS — does this mean I’ll have trouble getting pregnant?

Note: If you are dealing with infertility, please know that you are seen, and you are not alone. 🧡

Submit your questions below, and we’ll share the specialists’ answers in a few weeks.*


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