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#Asked: Send us all your burning real estate questions, and we’ll answer them. 🏡

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Charming 3 bed/2.5 bath brick ranch in Heathwood | image via The ART of Real Estate

At 29 years old, I became a first-time seller of my husband’s former bachelor pad and a first-time home buyer – all in a matter of three days.

I had zero experience with listing + looking for homes beyond Zillow stalking and didn’t even know what questions I was supposed to be asking (because I don’t think “can we remove this cabinet door and install a wine fridge” was what the real estate agent was looking for).

Luckily (but overwhelmingly), the bachelor pad was on the market only for a few hours before offers started coming in… and after a whirlwind few days, we accepted one – while still not being sure that we were even ready to move.

As soon as I started signing my name to offer papers on a new house I went into straight panic mode.

“Should we really be upsizing?”

“Or should we be downsizing?”

“Can we actually afford a new house (hello, lender)?”

“Should we have shopped around more for an agent?”

“What are we paying in commission?”

Bottom line: Buying + selling a home is emotional, and can be really confusing. Speaking from experience, this is the time of year people start thinking about home buying and selling – with no idea of how to actually start.

So – with the help of our partner The ART of Real Estatewe’re here to help clear things up. 🏡

❓ Ask us all your questions. ❓ Like:

“How can I buy without selling?”

“How should I get a home evaluation?”

“At what point do I call an agent?”

“What pitfalls could come up?”

Remember, there are no stupid questions.

We’ll compile all your burning questions, then The ART Team will answer the most interesting + popular questions in a series of #Answered blog posts, videos + podcasts, shared through us here at COLAtoday throughout the rest of the year.


Ready? Ask away. Comment your questions on our Facebook or Instagram posts.

The answers are on the house.

And get ready to be consumed with words like “fixed-rate mortgage” and “debt ratio.” Prepare to learn all things about deeds and disclosures. And who’s going to pay the closing costsyou, them, someone else?

While this seems like a scary time, it was one of the best experiences I’ve been through (#adulting) – because it really matters who you’re working with + pays to come in prepared.

Here’s to new homes in the new year,


This content was created in partnership with The ART of Real Estate.

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