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Gift Guide: Our Editors’ picks for the 2023 holiday season

See what Editors Sam and David are shopping this year.

A watercolor patterned present image with blue florals.

Here’s what your local news team wants to unwrap this year.

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Happy December. We thought we’d ring in the most festive month of the year appropriately — with holiday gift guides featuring our editors’ top present picks.

Scroll to shop, get inspired, and maybe even snag a locally made gift or two, courtesy of Sam’s and David’s exquisite taste.

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Graphic by 6AM City

Loveland Coffee’s Soda City Sunrise, $16+ | “What’s a better way to wake up local? Soda City Sunrise is a local coffee shop’s signature house blend with tasting notes of Smooth mild flavors of Caramel and chocolate with a lemon citric finish. I would gift this to a distant relative who misses the taste of home or bring it with me on a trip to have a homey staple.”

The Academic Plan ’23-'24, $50 | “I have tons of teacher friends, and this would be a perfect gift for them so they can stay organized throughout each semester.”

Kindle, $119.99 | “I was gifted a Kindle for my birthday two years ago and it stands as one of the best gifts I’ve ever received because I still use it all the time. This is an especially good gift for the traveler in your life who wants to pack lite but also have some portable entertainment.”

Julie K Art, priced as marked | “Julie is a local artist and illustrator from Cola who specializes in watercolors and is passionate about wildlife conservation. I would gift one of her pieces to one of my animal-loving friends, or splurge and just buy myself something from her collection.”

South Carolina Gamecocks Windshell Pullover Jacket, $99.99 | “For those in my family, you can never go wrong with purchasing Carolina gear and you can really wear a windshell pullover in almost every season. It’s perfect for fall or layer it to transition your look into the colder months of winter.”

A graphic with a blue, floral background, a picture of Editor David and the words "David's Picks."

Graphic by 6AM City

Adams Apple Savory Cookout Collection, $10 | “Columbians are all about grilling out, so naturally this savory cookout collection is a perfect gift for anyone with a grill. Whether you’re offering a taste of the South with the chow chow, or whipping up a side of apple cider coleslaw, this trio will make you the hit of the party.”

Loveland Coffee’s Specialty Instant Coffee, $16 | “I know, instant coffee? Hear me out here. You don’t always have time to weigh 20 grams of coffee to 300 grams of water and make the perfect pourover. On those travel days and busy mornings, this instant coffee from Loveland will be your morning savior.”

Columbia Skyline Cocktail Glasses, $39.99 | “If you’re like me and trying to build the perfect bar cart, these Cola skyline glasses are a perfect edition. Whether you’re having an afternoon sip of bourbon on the rocks, or serving a cocktail to guests, you can raise this glass in the air, cheers, and name the skyline places you recognize.”

“South Carolina: A History” by Walter B. Edgar, $39.35 | “Walter Edgar’s history of South Carolina is a must have household item for natives and new comers. This books covers 475 years of the Palmetto State’s rich history.”

South Carolina Gamecocks Pick-A-Player Jersey, $139.99 | “Thanks to the new NIL rules in college football you can now get the name and number of your favorite player on the back on your jersey. Whether it’s football or basketball, you or a young fan can show their Gamecock pride.”

“Kugels and Collards: Stories of Food, Family, and Tradition in Jewish South Carolina” by Rachel Gordin Barnett, Lyssa Kligman Harvey, et al., $33.49 | “Historic Columbia helped publish this book from Rachel Gordin Barnett and Lyssa Kligman Harvey to preserve stories and recipes of Jewish families in South Carolina. More than a just a cookbook, it offers essays and stories detailing the past.”

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Think we’d let the fun stop there? Shop even more editors’ picks, featuring the gifts our National Content team has their eyes on this month.

Brianna: “I’ve recently ditched the purse for a fanny pack to go totally hands-free while walking around town, which is why I’m eyeing these colorful fanny packs from Burlaep. (Pair it with this cute embroidered baseball cap and you’ve got a perfect city ‘fit.)”

Dayten: “We just moved, and I still have to build my reading nook: Methodical’s Ethiopian blend (which I’ve tried, and loved) and some elegant, renter-friendly decor.”

Emily: “I love waking up with a warm cup of chai tea in the morning — especially when it’s in a cute squirrel mug.”

Jessa: “Everyone loves a big fancy candle. Plus, get some decorative matches to... match.”

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