South Main Street’s redevelopment plan.

Picture more trees, buried powerlines, more pedestrian space, narrower streets, and more.

south main capital district area plan

The dotted black line marked “Study Area” on the map is where the South Main Capital District construction will take place.

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In 2017, the City of Columbia made plans to redevelop the South Main Street area — think where Hunter-Gatherer Brewery & Alehouse, Firehouse Subs, and The Corner Blend are located — between the State House and Blossom Street.

In short, the plan is to address the past, analyze the present, and then improve the future of the South Main Capital District to make it its own urban destination in Columbia. Construction will begin this week.

🌳 The updates

  • Five lanes will be turned into two
  • Sidewalks will be widened
  • Updated landscaping (like the planting of more trees)
  • Improvements to pedestrian-friendly activities like bike lanes

The project is expected to cost ~$20 million and be funded by the University of South Carolina, the City of Columbia, and SCDOT. If everything goes to plan, the above renovations will be completed in June 2025.

🏫 The present

The South Main Capital District is currently a mix of USC buildings, parking lots, and commercial establishments.

🚲 The future

The city has plans to transform the district into an urban, mixed-use, pedestrian-oriented environment that continues to pay homage to the historic character of the space.

Here’s how you could be immediately impacted by construction:

  • Pedestrians will be able to use all crossings unless redirected by detours.
  • All street parking on South Main will be temporarily closed. Note: The university’s D lots for faculty and staff will remain open.
  • Traffic will be able to use all crossings with temporary exceptions. Note: when crews work on Devine Street in the first phase, the street’s tenants and parking will only be accessible from Assembly Street.

And we’re just scratching the surface. Read the whole 60-page South Main Capital District Area Plan here.