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Columbia Metropolitan Airport expands checkpoints for smoother travel

Prepare for takeoff with even less wait time at CAE.

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A render of the expansion project at CAE.

Peep this: Columbia Metropolitan Airport (CAE) is getting a makeover to handle more passengers in the future.

Render provided by Columbia Metropolitan Airport

Frequent fliers rejoice. South Carolina Aviation Week is underway now through April 27, and it’s the perfect time to share some exciting news: Columbia Metropolitan Airport (CAE) is gearing up for a major expansion project set to launch later this summer.

According to FAA projections, CAE is expected to see 1.38 million passengers annually by 2028. However, based on the airport’s data, they might hit that milestone as early as this year.

With passenger numbers rising, CAE is expanding its checkpoint areas to accommodate a new scanner along with two additional TSA screening lanes (think: even shorter lines and smoother security checks).

Alongside the extra lanes, CAE will be adding a publicly accessible indoor + outdoor lounge, a sensory room, a service animal relief area, family-friendly facilities, and more.

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