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Doctors’ Orders: Eating healthy at Pasta Fresca

Dr. Gressette of The Columbia Medical Group shares her recommended order at this family-owned Italian eatery.

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Plates of seared shrimp, seared scallops, and other Italian pasta dishes arranged on a metal table.

The pan-seared southeast wild-caught shrimp is sautéed with roma tomatoes and fresh asparagus and topped with a lemon butter reduction served on your choice of pasta.

Photo by @pastafrescasc

We’re kicking off 2024 with another round of Doctors’ Orders, a series in which Midlands physicians weigh in on what to eat at some of our favorite local restaurants. Today, we’re dining at Pasta Fresca, a family-owned Italian eatery on Forest Drive offering fresh pasta and sauces made from scratch.

We asked Dr. Krista P. Gressette, MD at The Columbia Medical Group to share her piatti preferiti.

“I’d start with a Greek fresca salad and a glass of water. For the main course, I’d try something from the “light and fresh” section of the menu like the seared shrimp with roma tomatoes and asparagus. Shrimp are a great source of protein that is low in calories, carbs, and fat. Often people think when you are trying to eat healthy or lose weight you can’t have foods like pasta, but in moderation, you can eat most foods and maintain your goals.

Starting with a fresh salad allows you to fill up first with healthy vegetables. If you find yourself full after eating a portion of your entree, ask for a to-go box to enjoy the rest of your meal the next day. Studies have found that a Mediterranean diet lowers the risk of heart disease and stroke and helps control blood sugar in people with diabetes.”

The secret in the sauce (hint: it’s tomatoes)

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