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Prisma Health On Call: Ask your diabetes questions

What diabetes questions do you have for Prisma Health specialists?

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It’s estimated that 115+ million Americans have diabetes or prediabetes — and South Carolina is among the states with the most cases.

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When it comes to diabetes, education is power. The reason: Type 2 diabetes is largely preventable — and understanding the positive impact of lifestyle habits goes a long way in preventing and treating the condition.

That’s why in this month’s installment of Prisma Health On Call, we’re connecting readers to Prisma Health clinicians, who are on call and ready to answer your diabetes-related questions.

❓ Can diabetes be cured or reversed?
❓ Do you have practical tips for implementing positive lifestyle habits?
❓ I have prediabetes — how do I stop it from turning into Type 2 diabetes?
How serious is diabetes, really?
Help — how do I get through the holidays as a diabetic?

Submit your questions, and we’ll share the experts’ answers in a few weeks.

And if you have diabetes or think you could be at risk, see how Prisma Health’s Diabetes Self-Management + Diabetes Prevention programs can help.

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Correction: In our original article, we did not specify that it is Type 2 diabetes only that is largely preventable — Type 1 diabetes is not. “Type 2" has been added for clarity. Learn more about the difference between Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes.

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