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Should you see an ENT for a ruptured eardrum?

While a perforation in the eardrum can sometimes heal on its own, an ENT specialist can help decide whether surgical repair is needed.

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A girl holds her hand up to her ear and squints in pain.

If you suspect an eardrum perforation, it’s recommended to set up an appointment with an ENT to determine if surgery is necessary.

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A ruptured eardrum may sound scary, but with the help of an ear, nose, and throat doctor (ENT), it doesn’t have to be. According to ENT specialist Dr. Ryan Walczak at Lexington Medical Center, these eardrum perforations are fairly common, as a result of trauma, surgery, or even overly vigorous ear swabbing.

Left untreated, an eardrum rupture can create a breeding ground for infection or lead to hearing loss. Luckily, an ENT specialist can walk you through your options and decide whether surgical repair is needed.

What does that surgery look like? According to Walczak, it’s an outpatient procedure involving a small skin graft to close the perforation once and for all.

While our ears may not always be our primary focus for health and wellness, it’s important to take good care of them to ensure good health and hearing in the long run.

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