A refreshing road trip to Healing Springs

Natural springs in the Midlands of South Carolina are rare, making Healing Springs, also known as God’s Acre Healing Springs, a unique destination.

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Water flows at gallons per minute from the Healing Springs. | Photo by Ben on Flickr

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Legend has it — natives in the Midlands believed in the healing powers of a natural spring located in north Barnwell County, about an hour south of Columbia.

Now known as God’s Acre Healing Springs, the water has been nourishing locals and travelers from far and wide for generations.

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The spring has a rich history that dates back generations. | Photo by Ben on Flickr

Why visit?

Natural springs in the Midlands are rare. Most are located in the Piedmont and Blue Ridge area of SC, northwest of our Sandhills region.

Gallons of fresh spring water flows up through several spigots every minute as visitors line up to fill up their containers. The spring is believed to have healing properties. The soft spring water contains minerals and is some of the coldest natural water in the region.

How to visit

From Columbia, take US-321 South to Blackville. Once in Blackville, the springs are located slightly east of the present-day Healing Springs Park and Church. The springs are open to the public 24/7, and there is no charge to visit or collect water.


On December 22, 1781, a band of British Loyalists fought with a group of local Patriots two miles north of Blackville. The story goes that four wounded British soldiers were brought to the springs after the battle. Left to die, the soldiers drank the water, recovered from their wounds, and rejoined their comrades in Charleston.

Travel tips

  • Bring your own containers.
  • Make time to stop at Miller’s Bread Basket, a family-owned restaurant serving home-cooked Amish-Mennonite-style foods.
  • The springs are accessible to those needing accommodations via a paved sidewalk and ramp leading to the water source.
  • Respect the environment, Healing Springs is a sacred spot and a primary water source for many.
  • Explore the area: Barnwell County has a lot to offer, like the Springfield Flea Market,
    Barnwell State Park, or the Barnwell County Museum.
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