“The Gong,” an art sculpture, has been stolen from the Vista’s District

City authorities are investigating the theft of “The Gong,” an art sculpture celebrating late PR executive Marvin Chernoff, known for his contributions to The Vista District.


“The Gong,” an 8-ft by 8-ft sculpture, created by Clark Ellefson and Matthew Kramer, honors the late Marvin Chernoff. | Photo provided by AC Public Relations

Tony Claremont

The Congaree Vista Guild has reported a theft. “The Gong,” an art sculpture that stands at 1100 Lincoln St. was created to honor the late Marvin Chernoff, a respected public relations executive in the area. The commemorative gong is now missing from the center of the sculpture.

The 8-ft by 8-ft sculpture was designed by Clark Ellefson and Matthew Kramer, and the piece was a tribute to Chernoff’s impactful presence in the community. According to the press release, Chernoff used to have a small, desk-sized gong, symbolizing a job well done + bringing closure before moving to his next project.

The location of “The Gong” was chosen strategically to recognize Chernoff’s early contributions to the development of the Vista area, near the first office renovated by Chernoff and his business partner, Rick Silver.

“We are saddened by the theft of this wonderful city art piece,” Abby Anderson, Executive Director of the Congaree Vista Guild, said. “We are hopeful that the police will discover who stole The Gong and return the piece to the Vista community.”

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