Bookstores to browse around the Soda City

Remember the times you used to simply pursue the city and stumble upon your next great adventure? Come along as we tell a story filled with a roundup of local bookstores to visit when you want to read a new book.


Pannerpete, SWIFF, and All Good Books located on Harden Street across from the fountain. | Photo by COLAtoday

A resident awoke one morning with a craving for the aroma of a new book + the adventure that awaited within. Their bookshelf, now bare, stirred a pang of nostalgia for the countless tales that once filled them. Determined to quench their literary thirst, the Soda Citizen slipped into a pair of shoes. Their quest for the perfect book had begun.

They strolled to All Good Books in Five Points, a local treasure trove with cozy nooks + a rich selection. They discovered events planned by the independent bookstore and promised to return if only to build community in the district they frequented many years ago as a student.

They explored the sprawling shelves of Barnes & Noble, the scent of fresh coffee and paperbacks stirring a twinge of sadness for its upcoming closure + relocation at the first of the year due to Richland Mall’s redevelopment.

The Soda Citizen’s quest then led them to the local Richland Library, a sanctuary of resources + stories. While browsing the local author’s section, they couldn’t help but become distracted by all of the non-book-related items locals could borrow.

Their journey continued to Ed’s Editions located along Meeting Street in West Columbia. The vintage charm of this quaint bookstore beckoned. Before making their selection, a rumbling stomach led to a delightful stop at Cafe Strudel, a local brunch staple.

As the afternoon sun dipped, they considered heading home. The golden sunlight guided them to a quaint Free Little Library, a heartwarming reminder of times when sharing stories with neighbors was a cherished tradition.

Inside, they unearthed a book seemingly awaiting their arrival. In the nearby West Columbia Riverfront Park, they lost themselves in its pages. The story’s pure magic brought a contented sigh as they turned the final page.

They knew they had found the perfect tale, discovered through exploration and a day full of nostalgia. With a smile, they placed the book back into the little library, hoping another reader would find it as enchanting.

The day reaffirmed the magic of books found in the city they loved. They returned home, their heart full, grateful for the literary treasures of Soda City, each waiting to be discovered in its own time.

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