Severe weather alert: Friday storms pose risks for Columbia

Along with thunderstorms, the Midlands could face enhanced weather risk with a wind advisory and a severe weather alert issued.

motion winds.jpeg

Cold Arctic winds are headed south. | Graphic via NOAA

For the second time this week, severe weather expected in the Midlands has led to schedule changes for area schools.

Several districts have announced modifications, including early dismissals and closures, as a response to the challenging conditions.

The National Weather Service reported a wind advisory from 4 p.m. today until Saturday at 7 a.m., cautioning winds at 15 to 25 mph with gusts up to 45 mph. Wind advisories highlight the possibility of power outages and fallen tree limbs.

Parents and guardians are encouraged to stay updated with the latest information as district officials closely monitor the weather.

Soda Citizens are advised to exercise caution and encouraged to stay alert during the severe weather.