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Start streaming these local podcasts

Whether you’re interested in hearing from local business leaders, exploring the art world, or just hearing a good story, there’s a Cola podcast for you.


In studio for the Lake Murray Country podcast with Mike Mayo, Andy Woods, and Kelly Hughes. | Photo by @PalmettoOutdoors

Whether you’re strolling at the riverwalk, hitting the road, cleaning your house, or running errands, cranking up a podcast only enriches the experience.

Fortunately, there are a few local podcasts to educate, entertain + enlighten you. A perk of living during the podcast renaissance is that there’s something for everyone: food lovers, music fans, business champs, etc. So without further ado, let’s jump into a sampling of Columbia podcast-land.

Around Town with @Cola Mayor | Since he was elected, Mayor Daniel Rickenmann has released 47 episodes featuring USC Athletics Director Ray Tanner to Riverbanks Zoo CEO Tommy Stringfellow. You’re sure to learn something new about Columbia in each episode.

Binder Podcast | The Binder Podcast, brought to you by the Columbia Museum of Art, merges art with insightful conversations. Join host Ray McManus and a diverse lineup of writers, artists, and scholars for a monthly exploration of creativity, culture, and community connections.

Explore Lake Murray Podcast | Hosted by former COLAtoday intern Kelly Hughes, this podcast invites you to explore the Midlands through interviews with local artists like Michael Geddings and John Manchester from Congaree National Park.

Imagining Anne | Produced by the Anne Frank Center at the University of South Carolina, this podcast features interviews with activists and those connected to Anne Frank and Holocaust survivors.


Illia in the Jam Room Studio with BC Villanova. | Photo by @samandillia

Jam Room Podcast | Delve into the local music scene with this podcast featuring in-depth interviews with Columbia’s leading music pros. Hosted by local musicians Sam and Illia, the podcast is recorded at the Jam Room Recording Studio.

Our State, Our Stories | Our State, Our Stories,” the South Carolina State Museum’s first podcast, dives into its history, mysteries like “Bubba the Ghost,” and goes behind-the-scenes with museum collections staff.