Construction is done on the W. B. Smith Whaley House

Take a look and get excited for what’s to come for the historic property.

W.B. Whaley House

Construction on the W. B. Smith Whaley House is complete.

Photo by Mashburn Construction.

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Mashburn Construction announced that the renovations at the historic W. B. Smith Whaley House are complete.

Let’s recap this project

Constructed in 1892, the ~8,000 sqft, three-story building was originally a residential home until it was transformed into the The Dunbar Funeral Home in the 1920s.

Historic renovation on the Nationally Registered Propertylocated on the corner of Gervais and Pickens Streetsbegan in 2022 and promised to feature:

  • A cafe on the first floor, occupied by Knowledge Perk, a popular Rock Hill-based coffee shop.
  • Several apartments on the second floor
  • A porch
  • A fitness center

If you are dreaming of living in a newly renovated historical apartment, you better show interest quickly, there are only ~six apartments available to rent.