Rockaway Athletic Club to temporarily close

Rockaway Athletic Club will temporarily close after the property was sold to a local development group. No word yet on if they’ll add a sign for the first time when they reopen.


Rockaway’s pimento cheeseburger is a hometown favorite. | Photo via Rockaway Athletic Club

Rockaway Athletic Club, a long-standing Rosewood favorite known for its pimento cheeseburgers and laid-back neighborhood feel, is set to close on Sunday, Jan. 21. Don’t fret, the closing is only temporary.

The property, acquired by Cason Development Group + Baker Commercial Properties, is poised for redevelopment, though specifics remain unclear.

Since opening in 1982 by Paul and Forrest Whitlark, Rockaway’s has grown into a beloved local haunt, expanding from its original space to occupy a larger area on the corner of Howard Street and Rosewood Drive.

After a fire in 2002, the bar was rebuilt and continued to gain recognition, including accolades for its famous pimento cheeseburger, included on Experience Columbia’s Pimento Cheese Passport.

Its unassuming exterior, with a signless brick facade has become a familiar sight to locals, hosting events like the Hat Contest during the Kentucky Derby and trivia nights.

Stay tuned for updates to see how this local landmark will evolve.

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