Here’s what to do with your fall pumpkins and leaves

Find out how to dispose of old pumpkins and leaves ahead of the holidays.

Carving pumpkin

This carved pumpkin comes from this year’s pumpkin carving contest. | Pumpkin submitted by Rae and Memphis D.

If you’re anything like us, you might have a slightly soggy jack-o'-lantern sitting on your porch that you carved at the beginning of October.

Above, we talked about how you can help out a local farmer, but what do you do if your pumpkin is already carved?

What do with carved pumpkins

Richland and Lexington Counties recommend placing your pumpkins into a backyard composter as the best option on its recycling page.

Each county recommends that 1/3 of your compost be “green” materials (fruits, vegetables) and 2/3 “brown” materials (leaves, branches) — and we know you have some of those materials lying around. Pro tip: Remember to turn the compost pile regularly.