Historical snowy moments in Columbia, SC


The State House covered in snow on Jan., 8, 1973. | Photo by the Richland Library’s digital archives

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A place we know, just covered in snow ☃️

Here in Famously Hot Columbia, the closest resemblance we see to snow is sludgy ice, so we want to see if you can recognize Columbia blanketed in snow from winters past.

Take a look at these three images of Columbia covered in snow from the 60’s and 70’s. Can you still recognize where you are in the city?

Photo A — Dec. 11, 1958.


Do you snow where you are? | Photo by Richland Library’s digital archives

Photo B — Jan. 28, 1968.


Do you snow where you are? | Photo by Richland Library’s digital archives

Photo C — Dec 17, 1973.


Do you snow where you are? | Photo by Richland Library’s digital archives

See below for the correct answers to see how well you recognize Columbia.

These pictures gave us chills. We were inspired, and wanted to take one step further into history to see what you would have read in The State Newspaper on the day these photos were taken.

❄️ Dec. 11, 1958

  • Columbia happenings: “Many South Carolinians are expected to preview the holiday time decorations at the annual Columbia Garden Club’s Holiday House tomorrow. “Pine Acres” — the home of Dr. and Mrs. Alfred F. Burnside in Arcadia, is this year’s holiday house.”
  • Weather forecast: Streets and highways may become slippery. Max temperature, 47. Minimum, 26.

❄️ Jan. 28, 1968

  • Columbia happenings: “South Carolina’s official Christmas tree was carted off from the front of the state house Wednesday within two hours after Senate passage of resolution to either remove it or decorate it with Valentines.”
  • Weather forecast: Thursday will continue to be cold with highs from 34-37.

❄️ Dec. 17, 1973

  • Columbia happenings: When Old Man Winter came to Columbia, authorities were deciding whether to cancel school. Richland County Civil Defence’s chief assistance, Bill DeLoache said, “I’d rather have an egg on my face than a single school child injured.”
  • Weather forecast: Windy + cold in Columbia with rain possibly changing to snow. Highs will be in the upper 30s, lows in the 20’s.

DYsnow — The lowest recorded temperature in Richland County’s history was -5º on Jan., 16, 1994.


Photo A — Dec. 11, 1958 was at a Amoco service station near the Blossom Street bridge with the Palmetto Compress cotton warehouse in the background.

Photo B — Jan. 28, 1968. We need your help. We aren’t really sure where this photo was taken. A reader said an old building on the corner of Assembly + Calhoun. I said it looked like UofSC’s campus, and David said it looked like a government building. Let us know if you recognize this location in Columbia.

Photo C — Dec 17, 1973 was taken on the State House grounds.

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