Several social media videos that have gone viral within the last month in Columbia, SC

We are taking a moment to showcase several show-stopping videos on social media that have resonated with Soda Citizens and taken pride in place to the next level.


Head Gamecock football coach Shane Beamer running 31 mph — kind of. | Video by @gamecockfb

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As content creators and Soda Citizens ourselves, we love to see a reel, TikTok, or social media post have a viral moment. But what makes them go viral?

We’re breaking down three posts that have gone viral within the last few weeks and giving them each an imaginary COLAtoday award.

🥇 Best in show

If you’ve never seen The Office episode where Michael Scott (the boss) runs past a radar gun, don’t worry about watching it, because the Gamecock Football’s rendition is even better.

Looks like Soda Citizens may agree with us. The reel has over 400K views and almost 24K comments while the TikTok video has over 600K views and 129K comments.

🎤 The most Soda Citizen-y

If you haven’t seen this reel yet of a young boy singing the National Anthem at a Cola Fireflies game, you’re in for a heart-squeezing treat.

The caption says it best: “He thought he couldn’t do it and he absolutely crushed it. 👏"

💙 Pride in place award


You come back now, you hear? @jasetheface @jasetheface thanks for the laugh, hope you had the best time in Soda City #columbiasc #realcolumbiasc #sodacity #sodacitysc #southcarolina #colatoday

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It all started with this TikTok, where a creator poked fun at Columbia for its lack of itinerary during a weekend trip. It reached many local’s accounts with 561.3K views.

One local in particular, Hannah Barnett Boyles, decided to duet his TikTok and showcase some of the best parts of Columbia in five seconds.

The outpouring of support, comments, and likes garnered her TikTok 26.7K views and her reel 54.2K views. We recommend following her Instagram account, Soda City Podcast, to see more relatable memes and listen to her local podcast.

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