The NFL gained these five South Carolina players during the 2023 NFL Draft

Keep reading below to see the details on where all five Gamecock football players will be playing beginning next season in the NFL, following the NFL’s 2023 Draft.

Williams Brice

An aerial photo of Williams-Brice Stadium. | Photo by @sc_drone

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Duh duh duh duhhhhh. That’s supposed to be the beginning of the NFL theme song, because today we’re recapping + highlighting the five Gamecock players who are going to the NFL, following the 2023 Draft.

Cam Smith

  • Draft round: Second
  • Pick number: 51
  • NFL team: Miami Dolphins
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Zacch Pickens

  • Draft round: Third
  • Pick number: 64
  • NFL team: Chicago Bears
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Darius Rush

  • Draft round: Five
  • Pick number: 138
  • NFL team: Indianapolis Colts
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Jovaughn Gwyn

  • Draft round: Seven
  • Pick number: 225
  • NFL team: Atlanta Falcons
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Jalen Brooks

  • Draft round: Seven
  • Pick number: 244
  • NFL team: Dallas Cowboys
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