Wild, can’t miss desserts around Columbia, SC

Recently, we asked Soda Citizens to share their favorite wild, can’t-miss desserts around town.

@twistcolasc commented, “Do you have instructions on WHERE to START?!!?! That is HUUUUUUGE!!❤️❤️” Though they were talking about the huge milkshake from LICK Ice Cream, (which was delicious by the way), we also felt an overwhelming “where do we start” feeling when trying to tackle covering all of the wild dessert options around Cola.

We have a list of ~15 can’t-miss dessert options around Columbia, but today we are starting with just a spoonful of sugar by sharing the first five.

🍦 The Baked Bear, 631 Harden St. Suite C

Build the craziest ice cream sandwich in four easy steps.

  • Choose your top and bottom cookie. Pro tip: Vegan + gluten-free cookie options are available.
  • Choose your ice cream. Just our two centsyou won’t regret ordering the Blackberry Crumble.
  • Choose your toppings. Pick from 11 options + don’t sleep on fruity pebbles as a topping choice.
  • Get your sandwich hot pressed.

🍪 Crumbl Cookies, 5135 Sunset Blvd., Suite J, Lexington

Order the Crumbl Cookies of the week. If you don’t want to try them yourself, watch this SC TikToker (with 300K followers) try this week’s flavors + give ratings for each.

🦄 The Donut Guy, 1215 Lincoln St.

You-nicor-need this unicorn doughnut. Order the Big Boy doughnut or the Small Minis with the unicorn masterpiece topping to share.

🍩 Duck Donuts, 702 Cross Hill Rd. #100B

Check out the fan-favorite doughnut options. You’ll be remiss if you don’t order:

🥤 Grill Marks, 711 Gervais St.

This freakshake is freaky good. Watch as the Salted Caramel Overload Freakshake is made and then go order it for yourself.

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