Hotel Trundle’s expanding into Cottontown

We got an inside peek into the four new spaces, opening this spring.

The Dens Hotel Trundle

Marcus Munse and Rita Patel standing in front of two of The Dens in Cottontown.

Photo via Hotel Trundle

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Hotel Trundle, Columbia’s first boutique hotel that houses 41 rooms on Taylor Street, is expanding once again. Hold the hotel receptionist’s phonelet’s recap.

Hotel Trundle owners, Rita Patel and Marcus Munse, recently announced the Flutter Wing, currently under construction above Drake’s Duckin’ on Main Street. Well, Cola’s very own Chip and Joanna Gains are moving into the short-term rental space with a project they’re calling The Dens.

Hotel Trundle's Dens

Beautiful swatches of paint littered the walls during the design process. | Photo via Hotel Trundle

The couple is currently renovating two duplexes in the historic Cottontown neighborhood, less than 700 feet from Indah Coffee, which will feature four apartment-style lodging spaces, offering guests most of the same amenities of the Hotel Trundle.

Hotel Trundle's Dens

Rita and Marcus are doing much of the construction themselves.

Photo via Hotel Trundle

The Dens

Fun Fact: The four Dens are named after terms of endearments for their two sons.

The Cutie Pie is the largest of the four dens with 1,450 sqft of heated space that sleeps eight with three king bedrooms, one pull-out sofa, and an office space.

The Honey Bee, The Sweet Boy, and The Sugar Baby all have 750-sqft of space that sleep four with one king bedroom and one pullout sofa.

HT Dens

The star-patterned bathroom floors are costumed designed by Rita and Marcus. | Photo via Hotel Trundle


  • All four Dens will be fully furnished with a complete kitchen, living room space, smart television, WiFi, laundry room, on-site parking, a backyard, and patio space.
  • From paint colors and tile patterns to locally sourced artwork — Rita and Marcus have made an effort to shop locally as much as possible and do much of the work themselves.
  • Built in the 1930s, The Dens will pay homage to its historical architecture, details, finishes, and fixtures that fall in line with Hotel Trundle’s signature style.

The two duplexes are located across from one another, making them ideal for families or groups traveling together.

They are being renovated in two phases. Phase one — The Cutie Pie and The Honey Bee — is set to be completed sometime this spring. Phase two — The Sweet Boy and The Sugar Baby — is slated to open by the end of 2023.

In short —

  • If you want a boutique hotel experience, stay at Hotel Trundle.
  • If you want a hybrid model of boutique and private accommodations, stay in The Flutter Wing.
  • If you want short to long-term rentals with privacy, stay in The Dens.

Click here to book a stay at Hotel Trundle.

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