South Carolina’s average monthly energy bill is $465

The Palmetto State ranked the No. 29 most energy-expensive state.


The Columbia skyline in afternoon light.

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In a recent WalletHub study, South Carolina ranked the No. 29 most energy-expensive state in the US. We’re breaking down what this ranking means + how our state stacks up against others.


WalletHub formulated an equation to compare “the average monthly energy bills in each of the 50 states and the District of Columbia.” The equation accounted for residential energy types, including electricity, natural gas, motor fuel + home heating oil.

South Carolina’s stats

  • Average total energy cost: $465
  • Average monthly electric cost + rank: $170; No. 3
  • Average monthly natural gas cost + rank: $87; No. 15
  • Average monthly motor fuel cost + rank: $149; No. 36
  • Average monthly home heating oil cost + rank: $59; No. 34


  • Wyoming ranked the No. 1 most energy-expensive state with an average monthly energy cost of $845.
  • North Carolina ranked the No. 31 most energy-expensive state.
  • Hawaii has the highest average cost of natural gas at $186 per month.