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Larger-than-life artwork in Columbia, SC


Lincoln Street Tunnel Murals in Columbia, SC | Photo via @scottychis80

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Columbia’s art scene is easy to appreciate, but one of my favorite things (Jess here) about the Soda City is all of our city’s murals and not just because I helped with two of them.

Today, we’re sharing the eye-catching and Insta-worthy backdrops you can find throughout the city. Wanna join in + treat your eyes? Read on for our guide to 58 of Columbia’s murals + where to find them.


Aaron Graves Tribute Mural

  • Lauren Andreu + Claude Gilbert
  • 2019
  • Hunter Gatherer, 900 Main St.

Bears Ears/Solar Eclipse Mural

  • Lauren Andreu + Daniel Andreu
  • 2017
  • Immaculate Consumption, 933 Main St.

Cola’s Logo Mural

Cola’s Restaurant, 1215 Assembly St.

ColaTown Bike Collective Mural

Dum Spiro Spero

  1. Alex Rusnak
  2. 2017
  3. Cannon Parking Garage, 1227 Taylor St.

First Reflections

George Washington Carver

Hotel Trundle Butterfly

Magnolia on Main


Other Side of the Tunnel

Relequarium Garden

  • Khaldoune Bencheikh
  • 2011
  • Transitions Homeless Center, 2025 Main St.

Starry Night at The Other Store

Tell Your Story Through Design





photo by @laurabattin

Where the Wild Things Are

  • Maurice Sendak + Michael Hagen
  • 1993
  • Richland Library Main Children’s Room, 1431 Assembly St.

Zesto’s Ice Cream Cone

The Vista

City Summary Mural


Holiday Inn Columbia Mural

Lady Vista

The Palms on Main

Vista Union: Fleeting Glance


  • Leadership Columbia Class of 2017, Michael Dantzler + Keith Tolen
  • 2017
  • Tunnel at 1300 Lincoln St.

Five Points

Columbia, We’re In This Together!

Five Points Postcard Mural

Five Points in 1948

Frida Painting Dali

The Greedy Rascals

God Bless America

Import Specialties Cars

James Brown

Jim Morrison

  • Derrick Tripp Barnes + Christine Lutfy
  • 2016
  • Jake’s on Devine, 2112 Devine St.

Lady of Devine

Ra Obelisk

Rosewood Market Honeybear

Rubble without a Cause

The View from Mount Zion

Village Idiot Mural

West Columbia

Alley On State

Carolina Sunset

Full of Life

State of Mind Butterfly


Cayce Wonders

Enjoy the Little Things

Paint the Town

Other Spots Around Columbia

1950’s Columbia SC

  • McCellan Douglas
  • 2012
  • Cocos & Beer Authentic Mexican Grill, 4405 SC-760

CityServe Mural

Growing Together

Midlands Adoption, Children’s Center Mural


Saluda In Bloom

Plus, the Love Not Litter Extension

  • Austin “Slim” Gee + Taylor Renee
  • 2020
  • Palmetto Experience, 300 Candi Ln.

Think you have what it takes to add to Columbia’s growing murals list? One Columbia has the Permanent Public Art Program available to artists.

Through a partnership with city government + other partners, One Columbia has created an application process and implementation system for funding, maintaining, and sharing public art throughout the city. The arts-focused organization has an ongoing call to artists to submit ideas to create public art.

Additionally, One Columbia is open to working with other partners, both private and public, to bring new large-scale artwork to life. Got a project idea? Contact them here.

Did we miss your favorite mural in town? Let us know here.

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