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Doctors’ Orders: Eating healthy at Mr. Friendly’s

Dr. Meleigh Groff of Lexington Family Practice weighs in on what she would order at this iconic local eatery.

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Salad on white plate

What would a doctor order at Mr. Friendly’s?

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Feeling hungry, Cola? Good news. It’s time for another serving of Doctors’ Orders, a series in which Midlands doctors share what they like to eat at some of our favorite local restaurants.

Today, we’re hearing from Dr. Meleigh Groff of Lexington Family Practice West Columbia, a Lexington Medical Center physician practice. Our location? Right in the heart of Five Points at Mr. Friendly’s.

“When choosing a meal, I try to ensure at least half of the plate is produce,” says Dr. Groff. “I would choose a mixed green salad with dressing on the side to start.”

“For the entrée, I would get the applewood bacon wrapped filet mignon and ask for it to be cooked without excessive butter — and definitely take home leftovers.”

A tip from Dr. Groff: “Try to keep portions small and fill up on healthier options (like salad) first.”

Hungry for more recs? Check out local physicians’ go-to orders at Cafe Strudel, Black Rooster, and Halls Chophouse.

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