3 COLA New Year’s resolutions to try

Tips to move more, eat well, and take care of yourself in 2024.

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We’ve rounded up fun + manageable ways to meet your New Year’s resolutions, locally.

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Studies show that most people drop their New Year’s resolutions by mid-January. If you’re looking for inspiration and motivation to stick with (and crush) your goals, we’ve got you.

From moving more and eating well to taking care of yourself in 2024, keep reading for local ways to stick to common New Year’s resolutions.

🚴 Fulfill your fitness goals

One of the most popular New Year’s resolution trends is to exercise more. We know that exercise has proven physical (and even emotional) benefits, but finding a routine that fits can feel overwhelming.

If you’re unsure where to start, take to the community — here are some local workout studios + fitness groups that can help kickstart your wellness journey:

  • BEATS Barre Studio | The Vista’s newest fitness studio offers fun and upbeat classes that blend mat work, dance cardio + barre movements for a full-body workout.
  • Street Meat | This cycling group invites bike riders of all levels to explore the bike-friendly streets of Cola.
  • Columbia Girls Who Walk | Meet with members of the community weekly for two-mile walks at different spots around Columbia.

🥗 Eat well

If you’re feeling motivated to eat healthier in 2024, a great place to start is in your own kitchen.

Have fun building healthy eating habits by finding recipes that are nutritious and delicious, learning more about what fruits + veggies are in season, and shopping at local farmers markets + health food stores, like Rosewood Market.

And yes, you can eat healthy on a budget — from affordable food swaps you can make at the grocery store to finding restaurants that offer healthy meals at a healthy price.

🎨 Support your self-care resolutions

Taking care of your mental and emotional wellbeing is just as important as taking care of your physical wellbeing.

In 2024, maybe that looks like finding a new hobby or joining a community group. Here are some local activities that can spark a new hobby:

Pro tip: If you want to find other locals with similar interests to yours, try joining a like-minded community group. This list of digital groups in Cola covers all kinds of interests (think: entrepreneurship, exploring the local food scene, volunteering, and more).

Here’s to proudly sticking to your resolutions in 2024, COLA.

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